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Game Changers YM is an extended learning provider that caters to school organizations and adults throughout the nation. Our primary purpose is to transform lives through progressive influence, inspiration and mentorship.

Our motivational, supportive learning, and technical training programs assist young minds in becoming accomplished and empowered in life.

The educators at Game Changers YM work with school organizations to cultivate the best in students and prepare them to excel in life.

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    Game Changers YM

    Game Changers YM was launched in 2016. What started as a simple after-school session with one elementary school soon became a distinguished tutoring service throughout the nation. We have worked with school districts in Chicago, Atlanta, Tennessee, Minnesota, and New Orleans and continue to work with school organizations spread across the nation.

    While the academic institutions equip the youth with theoretical knowledge, they fail to provide them with an arsenal that’ll prepare them for life’s challenges. This is where our services come in. We offer supportive and motivational learning programs that bridge the gap between academic and practical knowledge and help young men and women become ready for their life ahead.

    Our Programs

    Our well-defined and structured programs serve over 5000 students across the U.S and help these young individuals tap their potential to lead a more successful life.

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    A Lot More.

    Game Changers YM doesn’t just stop at sculpting young minds. We take great pride in guiding adults by making them become aware of their unlocked potential. Our trainers enlighten them through financial literacy, GED classes, nutrition, public health classes, and fitness training, and side-by-side-learning.

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    Our structured programs are created in accordance with your needs. Whether you want to work on developing life skills or are in need of a program that will help you build lasting relationships in life, enrolling with Game Changers YM will give you an advantage in your personal and professional life.


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