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Game Changers YM

Game Changers YM was launched in 2016, starting off as an after-school training program in a school in Chicago.

Today, we’ve worked with hundreds of schools throughout the country and have touched thousands of lives. We’ve worked with school districts in Chicago, Atlanta, Tennessee, Minnesota, and New Orleans and continue to work with school organizations all across the nation.

We work with young individuals from grade K till 12 and prepare them to take on life’s challenges head-on. Our training programs are meant to bridge the gap between academic and practical knowledge. We aim to equip the young minds with the much-needed inspiration and mentoring that will take them ahead and help them excel in life.

Our programs span over the 5 central elements of the community, technology, fine arts, culinary, and sports.

With over 30 certified tutors on our team, Game Changers YM has quickly become one of the leading supportive and motivational training providers in the country. These tutors have played in various settings, including the NBA and overseas in foreign countries.

The team at Game Changers YM works with school organizations and institutions and prepares training programs that revolve around self-defense, GED training, sports training, arts and crafts, technical training, STEM programs, and social and emotional learning programs.

The curriculum has been designed to incorporate team building, social, emotional practices (SEL/MTSS), behavioral health, and substantially more.

Our team provides life-building, decision-making skills to our attendees, who are then able to utilize these skills and become competent at managing their physical and mental health.

At Game Changers YM, our vision is to see the young community become empowered and to enliven the outstanding leader hidden within them.

You Get More.
A Lot More.

Game Changers YM doesn’t just stop at sculpting young minds. We take great pride in guiding adults by making them become aware of their untapped potential. Our trainers enlighten them through financial literacy, GED classes, nutrition, public health classes, and fitness training, and side-by-side-learning.

Our side-by-side program is designed to take the extra initiative in cultivating parent-child relationships scholastically and personally. Uniting both parent and child together in the same educational environment affords both parties the confidence they need to flourish.

Our team of professionals train these adults at an emotional level as well and helps them build healthy relationships that’ll last them a lifetime.

We assist young men and women become well-versed in decision-making, self-importance, self-esteem, self-discipline, and life skills needed to challenge themselves in every aspect of their daily lives.

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